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If you are seeking a provider, to locate a provider close to you, start at the ADDRESS SEARCH and enter your location and select the specialty you are searching for or select all to see all providers.

If you are seeking a specific provider or medical group and you know the name of the provider or group then select Name Search.

If you are seeking providers within a specific city, county, or zip codes then select Region Search.

You may print a directory of providers, from your search results, by selecting the box next to the provider's name you want to include or select the 'all providers box' at the top of the results page.

After selecting a provider, you may expand a provider's detail by clicking on the listing. Once open, a map is displayed and several other features are displayed. For example, you may send a specific provider's address and phone number to your mobile phone by selecting Text Provider Info To My Mobile.

If you wish to have a directory of all physicians, select CA MPN Roster of Treating Physicians.

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To update Provider information contact us at: (800) 472-2636 or email to: